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Welcome to Woody’s Space!


This is a place for stories. Whether fact or fictional we all love our tales. Here is a place to share yours with all that may enjoy reading. Writing is very therapeutic and quite relaxing. Sometimes, we all need to get something off our chest or express our hearts. That’s exactly what we’re doing in here!woody

I have started this site with some of my own stories. I recently lost someone I loved dearly to suicide. It was an extreme reaction to severe depression… an emotion I have now dubbed “The Beast.” As you may imagine, emotions ran wild for months. Vivid dreams, horrible nightmares and outbursts of temper became a part of my everyday life. I knew I had to do something… I had to rise from the abyss I had fallen into and keep the demons from my heart. I chose to write.

Please take some time and read through the stories here. Some will be quite funny while others may make you cry. Either way, its good to express your emotions. Its very cleansing to the soul and often brings peace. It is my hope that in reading these tales, someone out there may find some comfort.

I am also certain, you have your own story to tell. Why not take some time and tell others about your thoughts or adventures. All I ask is that you keep it clean and be thoughtful of others with your content.

Please, read on… or tell us your story!

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