Another Sign for Me

Sunday , 8, June 2014 Comments Off on Another Sign for Me

I am well-known by friends and family alike for spending my weekend mornings at the shoreline watching the Sun rise well into the skies before beginning my day. For me, this is a most peaceful experience and where I feel closest to those I’ve lost. I typically watch the Sun from a dot on the horizon to a glaring ball of energy rising ever so slowly upward towards the Heavens. I also take this time to speak with Kimmie, my Angels and my Mother who just recently passed. This weekend would be no different then the rest… or at least I thought not.

After experiencing some delays on my journey I arrived at the coast at around 6:25 AM. Unfortunately, the Sun was behind a wall of clouds even She could not penetrate today. The waters of the Ocean were calm. Almost as if not a mighty Ocean at all, but a mere puddle stretching across the skyline. I almost felt as though I could walk across the sheet of water before me and find my beloved Sun. I thought better of it and simply parked myself in the sand and began contemplating my day.Dead Cell

As usual, I began snapping photos with my cellphone. After all, it was expected of me by many friends. I always try to get the best photos I can and post them on my Facebook page for others to share in their morning. Today, there simply wasn’t much to see. At one point, as a passing fishing boat motored by in front of me, I grabbed for my phone. I looked at the screen and noticed the battery indicator was illuminated in red and displayed as being completely drained. “Oh no! This cannot be… not during my Sunrise!” Sure enough, it eventually just beeped one last time and shut itself down. No more pictures today for Woody or his friends.

Disappointed, I snatched-up my things and made my way back towards Betsy (my motorcycle). I looked northward and noticed the skies had become quite dark and it was probably a good thing for me to be heading back home anyway. I fired her up, turned on my radio and began the short trip home. During my ride, I just couldn’t help but think about my phone. I am very particular about ensuring it stay charged and available as, being in the field I’m in, I could receive a call at any moment. I was sure I plugged in the charger last night before bedtime… perhaps I’d forgotten?

Before reaching home, and in true Weekend-Woody fashion, I decided to stop and see Momma for a few beers. Momma was a friend from years ago and I knew she’d be working the bar this morning. When I walked-in, she came from around the bar and greeted me with a warm Momma-Hug! How comforting that felt today I just couldn’t begin to tell you. “Hello Woody… thanks so much for joining me this morning!” Her beautiful and charismatic smile engulfed my very being.

As I sat and watched the others in the bar my thoughts, of course, turned to Kimmie. I know how disappointed she would be that I was at a bar so early in the morning and wasting time that could be far better spent on taking care of our house. Well, I just wasn’t in the mood today. I was upset I had no pictures of my morning and couldn’t spend this time posting them to Facebook or updating my personal story site.

At one point, a couple of children (I use that term as they clearly were young and un-schooled in professional beer drinking as Kimmie and I were) began speaking loudly trying to overpower the music playing in our background. Annoyed, I once again thought about my phone. “If I only had the distraction of my Internet right now… I could easily ignore these children’s actions and share some photos and stories with friends and family.” Oh well, I’ll just have to wait until I get home and plug in the charger again.

Strangely, as I began my second beverage, I felt a vibration on my hip. It was my phone ringing! A friend of my son’s had gone to the beach to meet with me but had awakened a little too late. He was there now and wondering where I was. This was odd… how could my phone ring? My battery was completely dead and I hadn’t touched it since holstering it at the beach. I answered anyway immediately stating “What’s up buddy… I may lose you. My phone is dead and I’m surprised you got through at all!” After asking where I was he then proceeded to tell me how badly it was pouring rain with thunder and lightning scattering the beach. “I’m glad you left dude… it’s really bad out here.” He then said he was on his way to where I was. “Sit tight, I’ll see you in 20 minutes!”

The PierWhen he hung-up, the screen on my phone went back to the last picture I had taken at the beach. A shot of the pier stretching out into the Sea with waters oh so calm you felt as though you could skate upon them. I then hit the ‘back-button’ returning me to the home screen of my cellphone… the battery indicator displaying full charge!

I now know what this was and, once again, so grateful. Kimmie was always afraid for me when she knew I was out riding and the rains came. Every time I would come home drenched, walk in the garage door after stripping outside, she would walk up to me… punch me in the arm and say “Damn-it, I hate it when you do this! I don’t like worrying like this!”

Well, this morning, Kimmie knew she wouldn’t be there to punch me in the arm and curse my actions. Instead, she apparently chose to target my phone knowing I wouldn’t stay long without it… giving it back to me when I was well within her safety zone. Thank you Kimmie… thank you for getting me home safely from the beach before the heavens opened-up and ruined my morning activities.

I’ll say it once more my friends… never discount coincidence or the little signs that seem just slightly out of the ordinary. More than likely, they are exactly that! Their energy surrounds us still and they use it however and whenever they see fit to protect us and remind us they’re still here and watching over us!

God Bless,