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Today marks the 2-year mark since Kimmie’s passing. It has been a rather discouraging day to say the least. You would think by now, most certainly, I would be past all the pain and heartache of my loss. After many remembered memories throughout the day and multiple conversations with various friends, it’s clear to me […]

Tonight, I found a song on YouTube which I hadn’t heard in quite some time. I listened to it about 20 or 30 times. It spoke to me… touched my very soul and, in some fashion, gave me direction. If you would like to listen, browse on over to this link. Without posting every word […]

Its been an interesting night. I had a busy day at the office but did get something accomplished. I guess that’s a good thing but nobody really knows what I’ve done. Actually, it was quite a feat for me as I had never setup a similar device as I did tonight. Sure, there were a […]

I’ve been told by someone I thought was my friend that everything I post and everything I write is nothing more that “self-absorbed BS.” I’ll let you figure the ‘BS’ part of that one out. I have been thinking about that for quite a while now. Is it? Am I really just into myself and […]

If you’ve not yet met me and know of my beliefs, this story will give you the opinion I am some kind of raving lunatic! With all that I’ve been through… I’ve come to believe in my dreams, and the meanings behind them, more than I ever have in life. Every morning I wake from […]

I had always been a rather gangly kid growing up. I never really had much rhythm or coordination which made proms or social dances quite the wash-out for me. Having two left feet also made it hard to find a date on Saturday nights. If you didn’t know how to dance, how much fun could […]

I am well-known by friends and family alike for spending my weekend mornings at the shoreline watching the Sun rise well into the skies before beginning my day. For me, this is a most peaceful experience and where I feel closest to those I’ve lost. I typically watch the Sun from a dot on the […]

Her Birthday Week

Friday , 6, June 2014 Comments Off on Her Birthday Week

Another excerpt from my time on The Alliance of Hope for Suicide Survivors… Kimmie would be turning 43 one week from today. This morning, I would have been up early preparing breakfast and ensuring the coffee was done before she rose. I always gave her a “Birthday Week!” I tried to celebrate her life wherever […]

My Birthday Cupcake

Tuesday , 3, June 2014 Comments Off on My Birthday Cupcake

I wrote this story the day after my birthday this year to share it with my friends at The Alliance of Hope for Suicide Survivors. I thought I’d share it with you as well. ————————————————- It is now one day following my birthday and I had yet another unique experience I would like to share […]

Scared Senseless – A Visit?

Sunday , 1, June 2014 Comments Off on Scared Senseless – A Visit?

The Scene: It was 3:45 AM. I was on the Alliance of Hope Forum reading postings from various members. I found several stories where folks had similar experiences that I had been through or, more accurately, continue to go through.  Some saddened me while some gave me hope. Signs. People have seen signs. I too […]