Ode to Kimmie, a Dedication from Tink

Saturday , 31, May 2014 Comments Off on Ode to Kimmie, a Dedication from Tink

Typing TinkAnother day has just begun,
  the Sun begins to rise.
We think of her and see her face,
  those piercing deep blue eyes.

Her hair was blond and oh so soft,
  it took us far away.
She made us feel so very strong,
  we never feared the day.

She left us here so all alone,
  my kitten, he and I.
We never got to say farewell,
  or even ask her why.

We feel her in our every step,
  we see her in our dreams.
At times our nights are often filled,
  with cold nightmares and screams.

We wake each morn without her now,
  and miss her even still.
We know she’d want us to move on,
  so Tink and I, we will.

We know she’s safe and now at peace,
  yes this we understand.
But what we wouldn’t give once more,
  to simply hold her hand.

We ask you God so very please,
  to do just what you do.
To hold her close within your arms,
  and keep her next to you.

Tink and I we’ll be okay,
  we’ll fight the battles here.
We’ll rise above this aching pain,
  and struggle through the tears.

We’ve said enough it’s time to go,
  there’s oh so much to do.
Please tell her that we miss her so,
  but know she’s safe with you.