Ode to Survivors

Saturday , 31, May 2014 Comments Off on Ode to Survivors

Our story sad and brings much pain,Alliance of Hope
  our hearts, bear so much sorrow.
We write our words and seek our peace
  just praying for tomorrow.

Survivors cry, we miss them so,
  our tears are never-ending.
We fight the pain, we walk the path,
  the healing though, still pending.

We won’t give up, we’ll win this war,
  although our efforts haunted.
If not for them, then who else for,
  we know it’s want they wanted.

We Loved them then, we Love them now,
  of this, they can be certain.
They’ll never be a final act,
  we’ll never close that curtain.

Our hearts are strong while bodies weak,
  survival our new passion.
For you, our Love, we’ll move ahead,
  in true survivor fashion.

And so for you, the Love we’ve lost,
  we’ll carry on your mission.
We’ll never end your book of life,
  just make one more addition.