What’s Wrong With Dad

Saturday , 31, May 2014 Comments Off on What’s Wrong With Dad

WatchingDadHi! You remember me? I’m Tink… Moma’s cat. I’ve noticed something lately about my Dad. You may know him as Woody. That’s what everyone else calls him, especially Moma. He called her Kimmie. I guess she wasn’t his Moma anyway so that was okay. For me though, he’s just Dad. I just wanted to tell you all what I’ve been noticing lately.

When I first met my Dad I was amazed. He was so strong! I watched him for many years overcoming obstacles and beating the odds no matter how difficult they may have been. We always seemed to have just enough to survive yet I knew something was wrong. Something didn’t appear to be quite right about him. He seemed rather lonely most of the time. He never really smiled all that much and yelled at me a lot when I broke things by accident. Oh, I knew he Loved me, but there was just something missing.

Then we met Moma! I immediately took to her and adopted her as my very own. Well, it seemed as though Dad did too. Sure, Moma spent a lot of time taking care of me, feeding me and making sure I was safe but there was something about Dad and her. He smiled more now. He came home earlier and was always happy to be here. After feeding me my evening treat, Dad and Moma would eat their supper while sitting on the couch and talk. They would laugh a lot and always poke fun at one another. It was funny to watch… Moma and my Dad acting like two little children on the playground.

I watched them both for over six years. Aside from the times when Dad had to work, they were always together. They worked around the yard every weekend so our house looked pretty. They shared their supper every night as Moma was such a good cook and Loved taking care of my Dad. When they left the house, they never left without each other. Always together were Moma and Dad.

Sometimes they drank together. You know, that stuff us kids aren’t supposed to touch. It was something for grownups only. Sometimes they had too much! During those times I would run and hide under Moma’s bed as they became pretty embarrassing to watch. Playing board games and cards while each claiming to be smarter and better than the other. Two goofy little kids! Well, that was my opinion anyway.

Then it happened. Moma had to leave. Dad explained it all to me but, still today, I’m not all that certain why. She had gotten sick. There was something about a pain in her heart and head that he said I wouldn’t understand. I guess the doctors couldn’t fix her either. There just wasn’t any medicine Moma could take to make her sickness go away. She went to God for help. She knew that He was all she had. Only He could fix my Moma and, from what Dad has told me, He has. She’s all better now and happy once more. Dad? He’s another story.

Dad is struggling these days. He misses Moma a lot. I know this because he and I talk all the time about her. We both miss her. He’s different somehow. He hasn’t yelled at me in a very long time and, there have been some days, I’ve been a bad little kitty. He doesn’t care anymore when I break stuff. He just cleans it up, gives me my treat and settles down on his bed with me to watch TV. I think Dad has finally begun to appreciate the bigger things in life and forget about how successful he needs to be. You know, the bigger things like Moma and me!

He pets me a lot more now. He is somehow so much more tender and caring. I guess he’s doing that because he promised me and Moma he would. You’re doing a good job Dad! Moma is proud of you… she told me so! Sometimes at night, he cries. When she first left to go see God he cried all day. Now, it’s more at night as he turns off the light to try and sleep. Poor Dad… I wish I could make him feel better and let him know it’ll be okay like he told me a while ago. I guess he’ll just have to learn like I did. I know he will someday.

Me? I’m okay! I know my Moma is with God now and is smiling more than she ever has. Dad told me about a dream he had where he saw her. He said “Oh Tink, I could see her face so very clearly. Her smile went from ear-to-ear. It was so big and so real. I just know she’s happier now.” I believe in dreams Dad. Remember? I have them too!

Well, I just wanted to let you know how my Dad is doing. He still hurts, but I know he’s getting better. Someday soon me and Dad will both be all better… as happy as we once were. Okay, maybe not like when Moma was here but happy again. We’ll never forget Moma and will always Love and miss her but, for her, we will go on.