Alliance of Hope for Suicide Survivors

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AllianceThis site would be incomplete if I did not put this page in here!

After the tragedy that had befallen me on May 27th, of 2013 I was completely lost. My pain and suffering was such I had never experienced before. I was certain I would not make it through this life and seriously contemplated taking my own.

I felt I had nowhere to turn, no one to talk to and not a soul that truly understood the utter agony I was going through. Then, I found The Alliance of Hope!

I signed-up, read for a few hours and decided to chime in. The responses were so compassionate. Even though I ranted and raved about my grief, I was still only greeted with kind words offering assistance and hope for sustaining my life.

If you, or someone you know, have experienced a loss due to suicide, I highly recommend this site! If not for these kind people, I would not be who I have become today.

Please feel free to browse through their site, have a look at The Forum, and see what its all about to endure such a catastrophic loss and how you can heal.

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