Do You Believe?

Saturday , 31, May 2014 Comments Off on Do You Believe?

ToastLast night I met a man I’d never seen before. He was an “out-of-towner” and had stopped in for a drink between cities. There was only he and I in the whole place so a conversation was imminent. The TVs were on broadcasting Nono ads and other ridiculous products that we all buy so we asked the bartender to turn the volume down.

We talked of many things and, about thirty minutes into it, the topic turned to faith and religion. I know, I know… you’re not supposed to bring those things up but hey, he wanted to talk about it… so I, in true Woody fashion, rambled on.

I’m not quite sure why or how but, somehow, we got on the topic of Angels. He was sketchy about the whole idea so, naturally, I felt compelled to try and clear his thoughts and provide some insight from a personal perspective. I entered blissfully into my speech.

Our conversation ended with “Wow, I’d never really thought of it that way.” He then asked me if I’d ever spoken to anyone else about my beliefs. “Oh yes” I said “only about a thousand or so times!” Most people normally nod their heads, roll their eyes and change the topic. I really can be quite boring at times.

Anyway, his name was Bob… okay, it wasn’t really but I’ve changed that simply to protect his association with the raving lunatic he’d just met last night. We’ve become friends on Facebook and he asked me to post something about my beliefs in the event it might help just one person through an otherwise difficult situation. Hmmm… grand idea Bob… this one’s for you!

For those that don’t know me, I am a firm believer in Angels. I sense their presence and speak to them every day. Yes, I said “to them” and not “with them” as I often do not hear their response. Its simply a feeling, an emotion or even a sound somehow related to my conversation that brings a kind of revelation to what I’m asking for that day.

Despite what many believe, as I once did, Angels are not spirits of those that have passed. They have always been and will forever be. They are large in stature and know nothing of hatred or anger. They are pure, unadulterated Love. This is the only emotion they know. Those that have passed, have a greater purpose and another mission to accomplish.

Why are they here? Well, that answer isn’t quite as simple as one might think. They serve many roles on this plain but, to try and respond to this question more immediately, they are here for us. We all have them around us. It doesn’t matter where we are or what we are doing, they surround us.

I have been asked if I’m a religious man. Not exactly certain how to reply to that, my answer is as follows…I do not believe in the Church. I sincerely hope that comment doesn’t offend anyone as it does not mean I dislike the Church or its people. I just cannot feel the things I do today within the confines of marble floors and towering granite pillars while being asked to open my wallet and help to build bigger churches. There are far too many other needs out there where my earnings would be better served.

I do believe in a higher power. I know, for certain, there is someone or something out there that oversees and protects us. I have chosen to call this being God. There are others using Allah, Buddha or some other name they have decided to title this thing. Is it male or female? This too I do not know but I choose “He” because I am already too verbose in my writing and need to shorten things up wherever I can. From here, I will use “God” and “He” or “Him” as I continue.

I have read The Bible… several times, and more recently, scan through it for inspiration and guidance. I have not read the entire Koran but have perused through its writings. Quite frankly if you were to translate and combine both The Bible and The Koran into a single publication, in the same language, the similarities would be quite astounding. I really do believe both are simply interpreted by the reader. Hmmm… individual interpretation… imagine the confusion that might bring about!

Our world has grown immensely since its beginning. The technology and manipulation of energy by mankind is ever-changing and far too complicated to try and keep up with on a daily basis. God knew this was coming centuries ago. Sure, He could put an immediate stop to it at any time… but will not. He has given us the gift of choice. Without His interference, we are allowed to choose our own path and make our own way. Sometimes, we mess that up pretty bad don’t we?

Notwithstanding our own self-destruction, we are surrounded by demons. Medical science calls these demons such things as depression, grief, envy and a plethora of other terminologies I can’t even spell. Why? Perhaps it is so they might develop a “cure” and sell it to you. Why not… we’ll buy anything these days… have you seen the television commercials? Its actually quite nauseating what we’ll reach into our pockets for today.

Anyway, let’s get back to the Angels. As I’ve mentioned, God saw this future long ago. He knew it would be very demanding on us and put challenges before us where He would be needed. Not wanting to ignore anyone’s plea for help, and understanding He had a universe to control, He gave us the Angels. They are here for us.

They are great and powerful warriors these messengers of God. While you go about your tasks each day, they are continuously fighting battles for us we are not even aware of. The only time they are defeated is when we choose to let these demons in, standing in our Angel’s path. If you make these decisions, they will be forced to lay down their swords. Let them fight for you!

Do you need their help? Ask them! Remember, they cannot interfere with free will. They can, however, help you with your decisions. You simply need to ask. When you are faced with difficult times, feeling as though the world is collapsing around you or just need a little guidance… talk to them! Stand or sit somewhere in quite solitude and open up a conversation with them. Do not expect to hear their responses with your ears. You need to listen with your heart. Pay close attention to all that surrounds you. Their responses will be subtle and, if you’re not completely open to them, you will miss them.

Do you want to honor God or pay tribute to Him or the Angels? Help an elderly person across the street… open the door for someone with their hands full… say hello to a complete and total stranger… lend an ear and cry with someone in sorrow… embrace someone in pain and hold them like you’re never letting go… need I go further? Are you getting my point?

I have done these simple things most of my life. I cannot begin to tell you the rewards I’ve received for kindness I’ve provided. Yes, I have been faced with some very difficult challenges and struggled through both financial and emotional tragedy in my life but, as far as I’m concerned, I’m one of the richest men on our planet. Once my opponent has been defeated, I gain more strength. Open up your heart and offer your hand to someone who has fallen on their knees. Brush the dirt from their pants and guide them back to the path they’ve strayed from. Walk with them for a while until their strength returns… the Angels will walk beside you both.

Your money means nothing to God. Your Love and Kindness mean everything. Honor Him this day as you ask your Angels to help you help others and give of yourself. You too, will soon know of the riches I speak of. It is far more difficult to be greedy and rude. Kindness is simple and takes very little effort on your part and, probably more importantly to everyone these days, doesn’t cost you a dime!

Want to know more? Are you troubled? Ask me… I will gladly invite you into my heart to meet my Angels. They would be happy to see you! Together, perhaps we will find the serenity you seek.

God Bless