Her Granddaughter’s Kite

Sunday , 1, June 2014 Comments Off on Her Granddaughter’s Kite

JeannieI’d like you to meet Jeannie! I snapped this photo of her after she had stopped to say hello as she passed me sitting in the sand. Click on the photo… can you see what she’s holding?

She was a very pleasant Lady with a bubbly personality. The energy I felt around her was rather amazing to this tired old sap that had just awakened from another sleepless night. I actually felt up-lifted after speaking with her.

As we spoke, I couldn’t help but notice the little kite in her hand. I had to ask… “Do you always carry that thing with you?” She smiled, looked down at her tiny treasure and said “Its my Granddaughter’s. She just moved away and I’m here to fly it for her.” Her name was Susie.

I soon learned Susie’s Daddy, married to Jeannie’s Daughter, had recently accepted a job offer in Tennessee and was forced to move out of town with his family. Although saddened by her leaving, she promised her she would fly this little kite every weekend. A very touching sentiment which, quite naturally, brought tears to my eyes.

After we said our goodbyes, Jeannie gathered her things and began walking northward on the beach. I sat and watched as she slowly unwound the string and allowed Susie’s little kite to be carried skyward by the Ocean breezes. It rose, ever so slowly, towards the Heavens as Jeannie continued to unravel the string. It was quite beautiful to behold.

I couldn’t help but think, what an tribute! As it always does, my mind began to wander. Suddenly, I found myself sitting in Tennessee beside precious little Susie. She was giggling and clapping her little hands applauding Grandma for her efforts and smiling from ear-to-ear! Absolutely beautiful!

These are the little things I’ve come to appreciate in life. Riches and success are not of the utmost importance to me any longer. I may be broke and in need of many things, but I know, I have people that Love me! Perhaps someday, I’ll be flying their kite over the Ocean?