I Wish I Were A Cat

Saturday , 31, May 2014 Comments Off on I Wish I Were A Cat

TinkI wish I were a cat today,
so I might feel what’s gone away.
They see things clear that we do not,
and so recall what we’ve forgot.

So from this point I take this role
that I might speak through my cat’s soul.
Don’t take me wrong I’m still a man,
I just can’t share like my cat can.

My master wakes I hear his stir,
it pleases me, I start to purr.
He stumbles here, he stumbles there
he seems so lost, so unaware.

I rush to him and beg his touch
as through the night I saw so much.
I know he slept and did not see
the spirits that were here with me.

He needs to know but how can I
make him hear me, see me cry.
I rub his legs I bite his toes
he needs to feel what his cat knows.

The demons came, I had to fight
and this I did throughout the night.
They drew their swords and raised their shields
but to my paws were forced to yield.

They tried again and then once more
yet I prevailed as I’ve done before.
I know I sound so brave and strong
but please don’t get my story wrong.

I lost my Mom a few months back
and here’s the truth, my simple fact.
She fights with me, protects our Dad
and still recalls the love they had.

I speak with her and feel her touch
she tells me Dad… she misses much.
The morning comes, she’s back with God
before she leaves, gives me a nod.

I know from her what I’m to do
I love you Dad, I’m here for you.
You brush my fur and hold me close
it’s you and I, that miss her most.

And for the times when I seem bad
it’s not just you, I too am sad.
We both remain, remember that
you’re not alone, I’m still your cat!