Saturday , 7, June 2014 Comments Off on Loxahatchee

I had been to the beach this morning to watch the Sunrise. When I arrived back at home, I took a short nap and then attended a conference call with my friends from The Alliance of Hope for Suicide Survivors.  This call brought tears to my eyes as it reminded me it was okay to have “bad days” and cry as I must. After all, tears are very therapeutic. After the call, I decided to “give up the day” and quickly brushed my teeth, washed my face and hands and headed out to my local watering hole for a few beverages.

As I rode towards my destination I was taken-in by the beautiful weather. I dropped my laptop off at the bar and told them I’d be back in a little while as I needed to ride a little longer. I wanted to go to the place I had initially sought solace from when my nightmare had first begun… all the way to the end of Loxahatchee Road and into the Everglades. An approximate six-mile stretch with exactly nine, humongous speed-bumps along the way.Loxahatchee

Back then, it was quite and oh so peaceful. It seemed untouched by man and gave me a feeling of being closer to God and all the one’s I’ve lost in my life. I honestly felt I could talk to them here and feel their responses to me. I’ve actually fallen asleep here all night long as I was so at ease I didn’t want to leave… not so today.

When I arrived at my “peaceful spot,” I encountered dump-trucks full of dirt and various cars and trucks towing their little boats. It was not at all what I had remembered.

I pulled Betsy up to the side of the dirt road and turned her off. I then just stood and looked for a place I could sit and find the peace I was seeking. It didn’t exist. There was concrete and pavement where I once sat upon sand and grass.

BetsyI couldn’t help but ask myself… “What are we doing to ourselves? We’re turning our world into a manufactured environment, completely ignoring the gifts that Mother Nature and God has given us!” How am I to handle such a tragedy?!

I looked at Betsy… she seemed to be frowning at me. I think she too was saddened by the overgrowth of man. She turned herself away from the sight and merely looked at where she knew she had to go.

We need to put a stop to this “growth” my friends. If you think about it, we’ll someday be in a world completely consumed by man, forsaking all that was given us!

Do you have any ideas as to how we can accomplish this? Is there anything we can do? We simply cannot let this world consume us and overtake everything God has given us! Let me know your thoughts.

Well, I came back to my bar and typed this up. I just thought I’d reach-out to you and see if you might have any ideas. Please let me know.Man Tower