Momma Brings me a Smile

Sunday , 8, June 2014 Comments Off on Momma Brings me a Smile

I would like to introduce you to Momma, a bartender… and very special Lady at Tricky Dicks in Boca Raton.

I met Momma (her real name is Doris) about seven years ago. I had just lost my Father and, obviously, was feeling a bit down and quite depressed. There was only she and I, along with a friend of mine, in the bar. I felt the need to drown myself in my sorrows and wasn’t quite sure where my day was heading. I chose Momma as my sounding-board.Momma

Momma attentively listened to me while never losing the smile from her face. Tears rolled-up in my eyes as I spoke of my sadness and how I would miss my Dad. She asked me to tell her about him. This, of course, went on for quite some time as my Father was an amazing man with an outstanding mind and always knew which direction I should take with my life.

She listened to my stories while carefully watching the level of my beer. After all, she didn’t want me to be without my morning brew while trying to deal with such a loss. She catered to my needs but was well aware of my consumption and never let me “cross that line!”

I saw her again today and was reminded of our first encounter. Still, after all this time, her laughter and smile never gone from her face consumed me. This, I knew, was a genuine Lady!

As she continued to fill my beer, I simply sat and watched. There were others there this morning. Some, far beyond their limit which Momma kept a very close eye on. I heard her say at one point, never loosing that smile… “Oh, you’re definitely cut-off my friend!” After which, she laughed that laugh which served no purpose other than to brighten my day and to make that particular person realize what an idiot he was becoming. She was, without a doubt, completely in charge!

I had my fill and knew it was time to leave. Momma gave me my check and I paid it reluctantly as I could have sat there for hours and listened to that laugh. It was more genuine than any I have heard in all my years. So honest. So open and heartfelt. A rarity in today’s society for certain.

Let’s all try and be like Momma my friends! Let our smiles dominate our existence and our laughter bring joy into the hearts of others. There is no greater beauty in living your life as Momma does hers!

Before I left, I patted her husband Robert on the shoulder and said, “You’re a lucky man my friend,” to which his response was… “I know… I count my blessings every day!

Love you Momma!