Woody’s Mom

Saturday , 31, May 2014 Comments Off on Woody’s Mom

MomYou gave me life, against all odds,
and trusted God to do so.
I never knew, where you found strength,
but here is what I do know.

Your heart was pure, an Angel’s touch,
your soul, was oh so tender.
I always found such peace with you,
the Love, you’d always render.

You wiped my tears, a million times,
and calmed my angry heart.
Your lessons taught, will stay with me,
and always play their part.

You listened to the songs I sang,
I watched, as tears would flow.
Your pride in me, gave me a path,
I’d find the way to go.

You watched me play my high school games,
as you ran interference.
I learned to stand, and brush my knees,
from Mother’s, perseverance

Your family meant the world to you,
regardless of our choices.
You taught us how to trust in God,
and heed the Angel’s voices.

As far as Love, you knew this well,
and showered us each day.
I never will forget your heart,
your kind and gentle way.

I miss you Mom and always will,
and never will forget you.
Your words will always guide my way,
the righteous trail, as you’d do.